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What is the Average Time From Matching With a Surrogate to the Embryo Transfer?

February 18, 20242 min read

Pictured above from my embryo transfer for our first surrogate journey.

One of the most common questions I am asked as a Surrogacy Consultant and Concierge is about the length of time once matched with a surrogate to the embryo transfer. For Intended Parents, the wait can be so challenging and each day feels like a year when you so desperately want to become a parent. Keep reading to learn about the different factors that can play into the length of time that it takes.

Obtaining Medical Records

If you match with a surrogate through an agency, the medical records have already been obtained so this should not delay your process (if you think about it, you were waiting for them- but it was when you were not matched and blissfully unaware). If you are on an independent journey, the GC will collect medical records after you are matched. Depending on the OB practice and your surrogate's persistence, this part of the process can drag a bit. 

Your GC's Menstrual Cycle

The medical evaluation is done on a specific part of the cycle and depending on when you match, medical records are obtained (if applicable), you may have a wait as the medical evaluation performed by the fertility clinic is done during a specific part of the GC's cycle.

Scheduling Appointments

The length of time it takes to schedule the medical evaluation, schedule with attorneys, and the psychologist can impact the overall timeframe. Generally speaking, scheduling with the attorney and psychologist should not take too long.

Legal Process

This is likely the biggest factor in your overall time from match to embryo transfer. One of my goal's with my clients is to ensure they've talked through most of the topics that appear on a legal contract upfront. That way, they do not waste time during the legal process going back and forth on certain parts of the agreement. 

Once the legal contract is executed, you may have to wait depending on where your GC is on her cycle and her medication protocol. Some clinics have the GC's begin with birth control to help have some control over her cycle and when the FET (frozen embryo transfer) medications can begin. The length of time the GC is on medications can vary a bit depending on her response to the meds. 

A Final Thought

For my personal journeys, from matching with my first surrogate to our embryo transfer was 3 months and for my second journey it was about 5 months. Being a former Intended Mama has taught me firsthand how hard the wait can be and that is something that fuels me to help others make the process move as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. If you are beginning your surrogacy journey, I offer an initial complimentary consultation where I learn about your unique circumstances and how we can partner together to make your journey a truly beautiful experience.

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Jessie Jaskulsky

Owner of Surrogacy Simplified

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