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The Value of a Surrogacy Consultant and Concierge

July 25, 20233 min read

For those turning to surrogacy to build their family, the journey can be exciting and overwhelming. The surrogacy process involves medical, legal, and emotional components that can make the process feel daunting. Intended Parents (IPs) can use a surrogacy consultant and concierge to alleviate the stress that often accompanies this family-building method. This article explores how a surrogacy consultant and concierge is beneficial for families using a surrogacy agency or going the independent route.

Intended Parent(s) Going the Independent Route

The "independent route" is a term in the surrogacy industry referring to Intended Parent(s) that do not utilize an agency to find their surrogate. These individuals match privately, usually from social media, or a family member or friend offers to carry the baby. Most will agree one of the major advantages of this route is the financial savings that come with finding your own surrogate.

A surrogacy consultant and concierge working with IPs going the independent route will handle every single step of the surrogacy process from start to finish.

Intended Parents can relax knowing all of the details are being taken care of. Not only should the "big ticket" items be handled by the consultant (connections to fertility clinics, psych, coordination with surrogate, attorneys, etc) but all of the smaller details (managing appointments, travel coordination, curation of surrogate gifts, preparing for baby, connecting with hospital, etc).

Intended Parent(s) Going the Agency Route

Intended Parents working with an agency significantly benefit when working with a consultant. The surrogacy consultant and concierge compliments the agency experience. While each agency may vary regarding their guidance and coordination, ideally, the consultant can be your main point of contact and work directly with your agency, lawyers, fertility clinic, psych, escrow, etc, and assist you from start to finish, truly allowing for continuity of care. Additionally, the agency and consultant can work together to ensure you meet your perfect match who meets all of your criteria. The consultant can focus on all of the details, while the agency works towards matching.

Consultants tend to take fewer clients than agencies, allowing you to receive the highest level of attention while still receiving the reach that a larger agency provides for you to find your perfect surrogate match. 

Is a Consultant Right for Me?

In both scenarios (agency and independent tracks) a surrogacy consultant and concierge can lead to a more cost-effective and well-managed surrogacy experience. The surrogacy process can be stressful enough and a consultant and concierge can take a tremendous weight off the Intended Parent's shoulders.

In addition to the "big picture" components, there are a thousand little details along the way that a consultant helps with. At Surrogacy Simplified, we pride ourselves on being "connectors", and refer you to wonderful lawyers, psychologists, fertility clinics, insurance agencies, and escrow agencies. However, that isn't where we end. We love attending to the little details; travel coordination, supporting IPs and the surrogate, curating presents for the surrogate and her family, reminding you of the important upcoming dates, ensuring the hospital stay goes smoothly and legal paperwork has been received, and more. We've thought of it and are on top of it!

If you are beginning your surrogacy journey or are in the middle and hitting roadblocks, we'd love for you to schedule your initial complimentary consultation so we can help make your path to parenthood as seamless as possible.

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