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IVF Prep for a Surrogacy Journey

March 08, 20243 min read

I had the pleasure of hosting an Instagram Live recently where I spoke to Lauren Haring of Embrace Fertility. She shared some amazing tips for preparing for an IVF cycle for a surrogacy journey that I wanted to be sure to capture on the blog for those who aren't on social media.

There are Intended Parents who begin IVF knowing they are on the path to surrogacy while others come to this realization after failed embryo transfers. Regardless of the circumstances, the preparation for IVF is the same* regardless of whose uterus the embryo will be transferred to. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for an IVF cycle.


Lauren recommends "nourishing yourself from the inside out." She goes on to say, "a Mediterranean Diet, especially things that are anti-inflammatory is at a baseline good for any woman." A Mediterranean Diet emphasizes plant-based foods and healthy fats. According to this Good Housekeeping article, a Mediterranean Diet helps support gut bacteria and blood pressure levels.

Managing Stress Levels

During our discussion, Lauren emphasized the importance of managing stress levels. Prioritizing going outside and exercise is a great way to prepare for an IVF cycle. It is important to note to not stress about being stressed! Lauren shared how she saw many women in her part work as fertility nurse have successful egg retrievals and cycles in the most stressful of life circumstances. However, keeping stress levels down (as best you can) is ideal, especially prior to the egg retrieval.

Adequate Sleep

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine published a study that indicated "good sleep patterns can be one of the important daily habits for patients to improve their response to fertility treatments." In a perfect world, the goal would be 7-8 hours of sleep each night. We know that life circumstances can sometimes prevent this from happening, but try to prioritize sleep as much as possible.

It Takes a Village

There are many professionals that can help you on your IVF journey. It can be daunting to make these additional initial appointments since you are already making so many trips to the fertility clinic, If you have the bandwidth, take advantage of the different resources that are available. Nutritionists specializing in fertility, fertility coaches, surrogacy consultants and concierges, and licensed therapists can all provide much needed support during the IVF process.

Lauren and I ended our conversation with her sharing some impactful advice that I'd love to share here. "There is so much that we can't control. Try to focus on what you do have control over and celebrating the small wins."

To get in touch with Lauren, visit her website or email her at lauren@embracefertility.com . If you'd like more insight on how a surrogacy consultant can support you on your surrogacy journey, schedule an initial consult here.

*Pro-Tip: If you suspect that there is any chance you may move to surrogacy at some point, I highly recommend talking with your Reproductive Endocrinologist about FDA testing. FDA testing is bloodwork that you and your partner receive prior to your IVF cycle that tests for infectious disease. This ensures safety of your embryo when being transferred to a foreign uterus (I.e., surrogate). 

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